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The Girl Next Door

if you happen to live in a disfunctional neighborhood

14 September
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Date Created:2004-04-28
Number of Posts: 26

Manda is obsessed with one Gerard Butler, otherwise known as Gerry. She promises that one day she will marry him and have his children.
Strengths: memorizing music and movies easily, staring at objects for hours upon end.
Weaknesses: Hot Scottish or English actors, accents.
Special Skills: Faking accents, acting in any role, sight reading music.
Weapons: A charming personality, big brown eyes, and incredible upper body strength.
Motto: Any role Gerry Butler is in.. no matter how bad the script.. will be incredibly played. -shrugs- I love Gerry! lol!

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Candid Gerry is Love

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The Posing Butler is Love

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Wet & Wild Gerry is Love

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Untamed Gerry is Love

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Erik is Love

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Beowulf is Love

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The Stranger is Love

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Andre Marek is Love

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Terry Sheridan is Love

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Dracula is Lust

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Creedy is Love

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Patrick Wilson is Love.

The Phantom of the Opera is HERE!!! by torridtruth
You Are...Christine.
You Sing...The Phantom of the Opera.
Erik, the Phantom...Falls madly in love with you.
You Love...Erik.
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